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The Tolley Group is a family office that deploys both capital, technical, and commercial expertise into seed to early-stage hardware technologies that are considered to be disruptive, innovative and game changing in their respective industries. Of interest are technology models focused on product businesses as opposed to service companies, providing high value propositions to their end users, are not capital intensive, and are either patent protected or protected by trade secrets.



The family originates from a long line of innovative and capable civil, mechanical and petroleum engineers that started with George Hall Tolley who was the Chief Engineer and instrumental member in founding the Renmark and Mildura irrigation settlements, the first of their kind in Australia, acting as signatory to the settlements plans in 1887.

His sons John and Howard Tolley both followed as Chief Engineer of Renmark Irrigation Trust, Howard rising to become the first Commissioner for Irrigation and Drainage in South Australia.

John’s son, Ian Tolley O.A.M. studied surveying and civil engineering, but dedicated his career to horticulture developing groundbreaking techniques in citrus propagation. As a global citrus expert was elected World President of IPPS (International Plant Propagators Society) in 1985, awarded the Order of Australia Medal ‘for Services to the Community, Horticulture, and particularly the Citrus Industry’ and awarded ‘Life Membership & Citation’ for long service to the Winston Churchill Fellows Association.

Ian’s wife Noelle Tolley A.M. was awarded the Australian Medal as a Member of the General Division of the Order of Australia for services to the Australian horticultural industry, and business women.

Their son Mark Tolley FIEAust CPEng is an internationally renowned petroleum engineer and now serial oilfield equipment inventor that notably founded Cadogan Petroleum PLC in 2006 and developed the company “from a million dollars to a billion dollars in 18 months” with a successful IPO in 2008 on the London Stock Exchange. He is the current Chairman of The Tolley Group.

Jesse Tolley holds a degree in Finance from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and started his career investment banking at a natural resource boutique and the UBS Investment Bank in London before co-founding Acoustic Data and AnchorTAG. He has extensive experience planning and executing growth initiatives for new target markets globally for innovative hardware technologies.



The AD250 Wireless System is the next generation acoustic telemetry system that measures wellbore pressure, temperature, and vibration in real-time, a mandatory requirement for good reservoir management in oil & gas wells, and for monitoring artificial lift systems. The AD250 Command+Control self-tuning duplex communication technology can also be used for remote activation and control of third-party downhole tools such as electronic TCP firing heads, downhole valves, fluid samplers, and sliding sleeves.


The Well Analyst Downhole Event Monitor provides operators with the ultimate wellbore noise and event analysis package. Based on our proprietary AD250 acoustic well technology, Well Analyst observes, amplifies, analyses, and confirms downhole events during well production on artificial lift wells, and during well stimulation procedures such as fracture treatments and perforation.


Our patented Barracuda HEX-GH is the industry’s only rotationally set High Expansion Gauge Hanger. It can be installed anywhere in the wellbore allowing operators to securely anchor acoustic telemetry gauges, memory gauges, fluid samplers, and other downhole devices using conventional slickline methods.


Our patent pending AnchorTAG monitors and reports movement of your anchor in the seabed, not how far your yacht has moved and not how far your anchor has dragged. It is mounted at the anchor itself and reports pre-analysed movement data to a handheld display on deck so you can see when your anchor has set and how well it is lying in the seabed. When it senses anchor movement, anchor drag or orientation changes that indicate anchor pull-out is imminent or occurring AnchorTAG sets off alarms onboard and sends messages to your phone via GSM.


After a lifetime of fieldwork and research, Ian Tolley is putting it all in one place: Commonsense Citrus – a hands-on guide to propagation and planting. Filled with numerous explanatory photographs and drawings, this book takes the reader through planning, propagating and growing citrus trees to whatever outcome is desired, whether a modest backyard setup or a major commercial operation. It draws upon Ian’s vast experience around the world and in his family’s highly successful Riverland nursery operation in South Australia.



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